Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Leaving the MTC - Arriving in Boise

Today's post is not a letter from Chris, but an update from his mom. I did not receive the email that he said he sent last Friday, so hopefully I will get it the next time he can sign into email.

Today was an awesome day! Chris left the MTC at 6:00 am and headed to the Salt Lake City airport. While he was waiting for his flight he called and talked to his me and Frank! That was awesome. He sounded great and was so excited to get to Boise. He traveled with 13 missionaries going to Boise. He was the only Spanish speaking missionary in his group.

The mission president met them at the airport and then took them all to his home. A luncheon had been prepared for them and Grandma DeMond surprised him with German Chocolate Cake for his birthday. Grandma said he looked great and was excited to be there. After lunch they loaded them in a van and headed to the mission office for interviews and some training. The president said that some of them would be going on appointments tonight. No rest for the weary!

After he had left the mission president's home, the president told Grandma that he was going to be in the Caldwell/Middleton area for his first assignment. For those not familiar with Idaho, Caldwell is west of Boise closer to the Oregon border. We will have to wait to hear from Chris to hear more about his area and new companion.

I also went and met Elder Tate(one of Chris's companions at the MTC) at the airport in Phoenix. He is going to be serving in the Arizona Tempe Mission. Since I was already at the airport at work I went to the gate and was the first to welcome him to Arizona. He was very surprised to see me. Maybe we will have some of those missionaries over for dinner. It was fun to see the group of missionaries coming to Arizona knowing that Chris was doing the same thing at the Boise airport.

I am not sure when his p-day will be, so I am not sure when we will hear from him.

One happy missionary mom,


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