Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Week 1 (again)

Hola everyone,

My p-day is Tuesday, since we have two temples is our mission,
President encourages that we go as often as possible. I went
this morning and as always enjoyed it, I love the Boise temple.

I have been trying to speak at least a little bit in every lesson.
This week we have taught 16 lessons, some of them were only
5-10 minutes long, but a lot of them were 30-45 minutes so I had
a lot of time to share some things in each lesson.

We have two people who say they want to be baptized, one
says that she needs to learn more before, and I just wanted to say
that is why we are here. The other is 13, I think, and his mom
is a Jehovah's Witness but says that she will let him if she sees
a change in him, like in school and his behavior at home.

My area isn't as rural as you probably think. Where I live is
in Middleton with a member, in her basement, but I am serving
is Caldwell. I live about 15 miles outside of my area. It is pretty
cold, last night when we got home the weather was on the tv
and it said that with the wind chill it was below 0. I am inside
most of the time or driving so I am plenty warm, I am actually
grateful for the cold because it got us into a couple
of doors and we taught them lessons and have another
appointment set up.

So yesterday I experienced something new. Driving in the snow,
so far it is going fine, I am being super cautious. I have only slid
on the ice once and I was going super slow and was in a parking lot
so nothing happened. When I am driving on the main roads I go so
slow, people are always "flying" past but I don't want to waste
tithing money on me or the car.

I did enjoy my birthday cake and so did the other 10 or so
missionaries, they were all very grateful that it was my
birthday too.

I am really excited to be here and to learn Spanish, and to help
E. Castillo with English. From what I hear my branch hasn't had
any baptisms in about 6 months, but now we are going to have some
where around 30 in the next 6 weeks, they wont even know what
to do with all the new members. Also our branch is a lot smaller
thanI thought it would be, there is maybe 30 or so people, I didn't
expect it to be Rio Salado sized though. We spend a pretty good
amount of time with the new members and the less actives as well
so I am getting pretty close with the members in our branch.

I hope everyone is enjoying their nice warm weather,
next time you are thinking about how cold you are remember
that it is around 20 here, I think it is going to warm up this
weekend though.

Peace out!


Elder Paxton

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