Friday, November 20, 2009

Getting Close...

I cant believe that I have already been here for 7.5 weeks. Also
I can't believe that I am leaving in 1.5 weeks, it is so soon!
Time has been flying here. I realized that I have learned more
Spanish in the two months that I have been here than the entire
4 years that people took in high school, it is ridiculous how fast
you can learn when you have the spirit teaching you. We have
learned every grammer principle now and we are just reviewing.
I'm not completely sure but I think I could carry on a
conversation, for the most part, in spanish, but I know that when
I get to Boise, it will be a tremendous wake up call. I really
should bring my journal with me when I come to write these,
it is always so hard what happened when, and what I have told
you already. This sunday(I'm pretty sure it was this sunday)
Sheri Dew came and spoke to us, it was a really good fireside
on how Satan is going to try to bring us down, and what we can
do to prepare for it. Also a fun fact that i am sure everyone
knows but I just found out is she isn't married, you learn
something new everyday. So far the famous people we have
had speak to us have been, Sheri Dew(I always want to type
drew ha) L. Tom Perry and Richard Edgely, of the presiding
bishopric. And the word on the street is that Jeffrey R. Holland
is coming on thanksgiving, that should be very excited, I am
pretty sure I am going to camp out all night to get a good
seat for that. I also cant believe that I am turning 20 in 9
days, I have no idea what I want for my birthday, I don't
really want anything. I don't really need anything either,
not that I can think of at least. Elder Tate says that I
want a ton of granola bars, for my companions(him).
I guess I still have some time to think about it. Maybe
you can send Zoe up for a little while, I can pretend that
I am blind.
This week has been a little crazy, we got 700 new
missionaries in and on wednesday night, for dinner,
all 700 were in the lunch room, all at once, on top of
the couple of hundred already in there. to say the least
it was insanity. Also now gym time is a lot busier,
which means I get to play less volleyball, which doesn't
really make me happy but I'm almost out of here so it
won't be to bad for too long. I cant remember all that
happend this week or if it happened some other week
which is very likely, everyday is the same, so I think
this shall be good for this week, and if you don't like
it you are just going to have to deal with it, because
there is nothing you can do about it haha.
Queiro que sepan que les amo(i think that is right)


Elder Paxton

Monday, November 16, 2009

Week 7 (already)

These past couple of weeks have just flown by.
Real quick, Elder Orchard, one of the elders in my district just
got backfrom shoulder surgery, he was totally crazy and
speaking in Spanishwhen he was coming out of it. I really want
to see his cut it goes from the top of his shoulder to his arm
pit hopefully I can get pictures soon. Oh also I think it is funny
that he got all cut up on Friday the 13th. Anyways, time has
totally flown by. I really can't believe that I am going to be a
real missionary in the field, I don't feel like I am becoming a
missionary yet. I am sure I am but I don't feel like it. Spanish
is getting a lot easier, me and my companions are teaching 3
progressing investigators all in Spanish. It is kind of hard but
also kind of easy at the same time. Thank you for all of the
letters I really enjoy getting mail. Thanks for the package too,
I am enjoying everything that came in it, I have already used
my leatherman for so many things, and I really liked the
pictures of Trevor. Although I still would like pictures of the
doggies, I miss them a lot too. Well its almost dinner
time so I need to get going, seeing as I'm a growing boy
and what not. Necesiti ir adios.
Con amor
Elder paxton

Friday, November 13, 2009

A letter and pictures!

Hello all,
I know you wanted and couldn't wait for one of Dawn's notes, but I figured since I couldn't email you last Friday I should probably write a real letter.
Thanks so much for the package of goodies. I'm pretty sure I have everything I need, except for pictures of the dogs. I now have more candy than I know what to do with. I have my pictures hanging and wow does Trevor look cool! (he was in his Elvis costume from "Joseph") I think it is funny that out of the 23 people in our family photo from the reunion 10 people aren't living in my mission (and that includes me, and obviously you all wouldn't be in my mission). That's not counting Dad's side; so many people to give me love in the form of food!
The weather here has gotten a bit warmer, its perfect for shorts and flip flops. I am excited for it to snow so it will actually be cold. You know how I love the cold.

Spanish is getting easier, we are doing a lot of reviewing which is always nice. Our teachers always say how good we are doing, but we don't always believe them.
Today I was reading in 3rd Nephi and I found my new favorite chapter in the Book of Mormon. It is Chapter 19. Christ has come down and has already left, while he is gone Nephi and the others of the 12 are baptizing and giving the Gift of the Holy Ghost. Christ comes back and is so happy, everyone is praying and being grateful and happy, it is so good. Go read it now! I am pretty sure that I will be able to finish it before I leave like I planned. I have less than 90 pages left and I have 3 weeks from tomorrow (Monday) and a day.
I am really enjoying my time here, but I am getting so excited to get out into the field. I enjoy reading all of everyone's letters and 'dearelders'. Getting mail is always fun. I miss everyone a lot. I am really glad that I got a picture of our family. I hope you enjoy seeing how my life here is going and I want you to all know that I love you so much.

MTC life...

My desk and books

My Ties...
My Hall

Elder Archibald, Elder Paxton and Elder Tate (he's coming to Tempe)

My district

I love to go to the temple!

Con Amor,
Elder Paxton

Friday, November 6, 2009


I don't have very much time. I have been very busy today, but I
am alive, and still loving it here. Spanish is going well and it is
getting a little bit easier now that I have to use it all the time.
Tonight we are teaching in Spanish. I need to go to class now but
I will write a letter tomorrow telling more about this week.

Con Amor
Elder Paxton

Sunday, November 1, 2009

I look Pretty Awesome!

Sorry I didn't send an email last week I couldn't get my
email to work. Also unless I get special permission I can
not log into my email on any other day besides p day,
it wont let me.

I cant believe I have already been here for a month.
The time is just flying. All the days blur together.
It is starting to snow a little bit here, there isn't any
on the ground but it is falling. Today is the second time
it has. You should see me today I look pretty awesome. My
jeans are dirty so I am wearing my shorts and all of my
short socks are dirty too so I am wearing my dress socks,
and it is snowing so I am wearing my big coat. I look
pretty sweet but I am plenty warm, and I am actually
looking forward to there being snow.

Spanish is going okay, we learn so much so fast it is
hard to remember what exactly I have learned. Next week
we have to start teaching the lessons in Spanish and as
of now I don't know much about how to do that so we will
hope in the next two days I can learn enough Spanish to
maybe barely stumble through a lesson.

When I first got here I set s goal to read the Book of
Mormon before I leave and Sunday seeing as I am very
close to being halfway done with the MTC I am right on
schedule. I am in Alma 17 which just so happens to
be one of my favorite parts of the Book of Mormon. Also
I thought of an extremely cheesy joke, in preach my
gospel it says that the Book of Mormon is the answer to
every problem, so I thought instead of dropping bombs
in the middle east we should be handing out BOMs.
(try to contain your laughing I can hear you from up here)

I am adjusting well to being in a three some, teaching
is still a little interesting but we'll figure it out.
I gave Elder Tate(the one going to Tempe) our address
and drew him a map to our house from the mission
office. I told him to go over and mow our lawn so
if there is a strange man mowing our lawn give him
some food, I sent him.

I look forward to getting everyone's mail
and my package.

okay bye!