Sunday, November 1, 2009

I look Pretty Awesome!

Sorry I didn't send an email last week I couldn't get my
email to work. Also unless I get special permission I can
not log into my email on any other day besides p day,
it wont let me.

I cant believe I have already been here for a month.
The time is just flying. All the days blur together.
It is starting to snow a little bit here, there isn't any
on the ground but it is falling. Today is the second time
it has. You should see me today I look pretty awesome. My
jeans are dirty so I am wearing my shorts and all of my
short socks are dirty too so I am wearing my dress socks,
and it is snowing so I am wearing my big coat. I look
pretty sweet but I am plenty warm, and I am actually
looking forward to there being snow.

Spanish is going okay, we learn so much so fast it is
hard to remember what exactly I have learned. Next week
we have to start teaching the lessons in Spanish and as
of now I don't know much about how to do that so we will
hope in the next two days I can learn enough Spanish to
maybe barely stumble through a lesson.

When I first got here I set s goal to read the Book of
Mormon before I leave and Sunday seeing as I am very
close to being halfway done with the MTC I am right on
schedule. I am in Alma 17 which just so happens to
be one of my favorite parts of the Book of Mormon. Also
I thought of an extremely cheesy joke, in preach my
gospel it says that the Book of Mormon is the answer to
every problem, so I thought instead of dropping bombs
in the middle east we should be handing out BOMs.
(try to contain your laughing I can hear you from up here)

I am adjusting well to being in a three some, teaching
is still a little interesting but we'll figure it out.
I gave Elder Tate(the one going to Tempe) our address
and drew him a map to our house from the mission
office. I told him to go over and mow our lawn so
if there is a strange man mowing our lawn give him
some food, I sent him.

I look forward to getting everyone's mail
and my package.

okay bye!

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