Saturday, November 16, 2013

The End - Picking up Elder Paxton

Oct 5, 2011 we flew to Boise to pick up Elder Paxton at the mission presidents home.  What a happy reunion.  Frank and I were there along with president Cannon, his counselors and their wives.  We had ice cream sundaes but nothing was sweeter than my first hug from my son.

 Mom's First Hug!

 Dad's just a little happy

Proud parents (yes, those are teary eyes!)

President & Sis Cannon and Elder and Sis Kotter

Nicole flew up to Boise the next day and then Elder Paxton took us on a little tour of some of his favorite places on his mission.  I did not get pictures of every place we went, but here are a few.

 Nicole's first hug

 Riding the burros at President Rivera's 

Nicole rode too!

 Devil's Wash Bowl

Elder Paxton took us from one end of his mission to the other visiting families along the way.  We met several members that he worked with along with families that he had baptized.  He was our translator with the families of those that only spoke spanish. It was awesome to hear him so fluent and comfortable with the people he taught.

On Saturday night we had a family party at Grandpa and Grandma DeMond's. Elder Paxton shared experiences from his mission.  Ask him to tell you the Rat trap story of faith. Jeff, Rosemary, Clayton, AJ, Jace and Zeke DeMond, Lori, Craig, Ilah, Bowen, and Gus Hickman, Grandpa and Grandma DeMond, Grandpa and Grandma Paxton, Debbie, David, Jesse and Gabe Paxton were all there. 

Sunday after church we flew back to PHX. Trevor, the Huffman family and Thomas Payne were there to greet us at the airport.

 Trevor gets a hug

Nicole made a poster to welcome Elder Paxton home and the dogs were even excited to see him!

Elder Paxton felt naked when he had to take off his missionary badge when President Clegg released him.  We are all so proud of the great mission he served.  We are excited to have him home and see what the next chapter brings to his life.

Here is the letter we received from President Cannon upon his release letting us know what a great missionary Elder Paxton was in the Boise Idaho mission.

"You served me well my little one, Come into my arms to dwell"