Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Delicious Dozen and a 3 Pointer...

So we have had a fun couple of days.  Today, we started the day off by going to Denny's for all you can eat pancakes for only 4 dollars.  I put down 12 (hence the delicious dozen), and between the 5 missionaries we ate 52 pancakes. Nobody really wants to think about eating pancakes for a very long time.  Personally I had around 2500 calories, including syrup, butter and the pancakes.  We are pretty full and are probably going to just take a nap later.
Yesterday, we got Elder Frost, from Flagstaff, he will be my replacement here in the Nampa 32nd branch, and we went to do some service.  We were cleaning out a garage and I went to take out a bag of trash, and the bin was very full so I pushed it down with some force to get it all in.  I quickly closed it and ran away because it really smelled and there were a lot of flies all over it.  I went to go continue cleaning and I realized that my hand was covered in blood and it was dripping on the ground. I ran inside to wash it off and found out that I had a pretty deep cut over my knuckle.  We put a bunch of salt on it to hopefully stop the bleeding but it really didn't do a whole lot.  So we took a trip to the ER.  While going in I realized that I could see my tendon, so I thought it safe to get it checked out.  There was nothing seriously damaged, but I did end up getting 3 stitches put in.  In Spanish, the word for stitches is the same for points, so that is how I got a 3 pointer.  So I get to go home with a battle wound.
I really enjoyed being able to watch all 5 sessions of General Conference.  I was grateful to have some of my questions, that I had about what to do for the rest of my life, answered.  I can't wait for the conference edition of the Ensign to come out so that I can review all of the wonderful council that we received.  One talk that I really enjoyed was the talk by Elder Holland during the Priesthood Session.  He talked a lot about preparing for a mission, and how everyone needs to, young men, young women, and even the slightly more seasoned members need to prepare to serve a mission.  I would love to be able to serve another mission one day when I am as old and crazy as some of our office staff seem to be.
Hopefully we will be able to get up here soon after I get back, I am hoping to be able to visit a bunch of people.  Especially for Sunday, because Cornelio and Zenaida are going to be confirmed on the 9th and I would really like to be there.  But what ever happens happens.  Hope everyone has a great day today and tomorrow, and I'll see you tomorrow.
Elder Paxton