Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas

I am going to start off by answering all of mom's questions.

I had an interview with President on Monday and he asked
me if anyone had invited us to have Christmas with them,
I told him no and he said if it wouldn't make me too homesick
and if they would pick me up I could call Grandma Paxton
and set something up. I will probably be calling from their
house but I am not sure when it will be. Between 12 and 5
I think, I have no idea. On Christmas we are going to
Grandma's around 12 and we have a dinner appointment
at 5 with a branch member. Other than that I have no idea
what else is going on.

I am doing well and adjusting very well and really
enjoying the work. I am being fed very well. We have dinner
every night and they always give me more food then I want.
We have breakfast and lunch at home and then are out until
9:30-10:00, dinner is always with branch members.

I'm not sure if we do splits often but I enjoyed going to Oregon
because they don't have any sales tax, so I bought a rubiks cube
there and am trying to not waste all of my time practicing that.
I don't know if we get transferred out of our area very often
but E. Castillo has been here for 3 months and has been in a
total of 4 areas in his year of service so far. When it warms up
I hope we will be able to do some outdoor activities but we do
a whole lot of nothing right now on p days. We do not go to the
temple every week only when we are going to Boise for something
or if mileage permits, which it never does since we live so far out
of our area, its a 30 mile drive to and from home.

If you want to know my schedule look in Preach My Gospel
it's in there. This last week has been pretty warm, it has been
above freezing all week, but this weekend it will be down
in the 20's, but there is no predicted snow.

Time is flying so quickly and I cant believe that it is almost
2010, I feel like yesterday was 2005. I also sent my memory
card home today but I don't think that you will get it before
Christmas, quien sabe.

Necesito irme pero quiero que sepan que les amo y me
gusta leer todas las cartas y emails.

que dios les bediga

Elder Paxton

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