Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dear Mommy

This week and all the time here has just flown by. But it has been very
good and fun.
I have some bad news though, I hit a person with my car
and I am going to be sent home tomorrow.

See you soon,

Elder Paxton

PS: As I am sure you already know I am joking as always.

This week I went on exchanges to Ontario and I met a guy name Joe,
when we were on our way Elder Flores(my temp. comp) told me that
Joe says that he doesn't know about the church and isn't sure about
baptism. We were planning on teaching him about how being a
member can bless your life and such. So we get there and sit down
on couch and he tells us "well I've got a lot of news, I want to get
baptized, I am getting married this saturday (lives with girlfriend)
and I want to get baptized in a few weeks. So we were pretty happy,
I can see good things coming from him, he is really interested in the
temple and wants to work to go there which is really good,
something I didn't know is that once you are baptized you
can go to the temple as soon as you can pass the temple interview.

So I have never been more grateful for sister missionaries as I
am now. The house in Ontario is just plain nasty. Our little
apartment is nearly perfectly clean, sisters have lived there
for the last year or so.

My companion has been out for about a year he is helping me
with my Spanish, he speaks about as much English as I do
Spanish, so we have some problems with communicating
sometimes but we get a long well. There is another set of
missionaries in Caldwell but they are in a different stake
so we never see them.

P day is really boring, we have nothing to do and I don't
really enjoy doing nothing, but we clean everything
(house, clothes, car etc) and then pretty much do
nothing until 6 when we start teaching.

I am getting real hungry so we are going to go and eat now
so take care all.

Also I am staying very warm and I love the snow.
Except driving


Elder Paxton

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