Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It's the final countdown!

This is the email from last Friday that I did not get, so it is before he left
the MTC...
For those who participated in the hand turkey book, you will
appreciate this post.
I didn't know we were in a contest! M

First off, I know that everyone is waiting to hear who the winner of
the turkey contest is.

Drum roll please....

The winner of over all best turkey goes to......Alex Odell!!!

Okay, now a personal note to everyone.

Roark- I enjoyed the reasons why each person got each finger.
Clark- I dig the curl and I am pretty sure that he has superpowers.
Chris- I love how happy your Turkey is.
Alex Odell- congratulations on your victory.
Burgess- Bien Hecho. your turkey was in the running for best.
Hannah J- not the normal colors of a turkey but I sure loved it.
The Seven- Oh how I wish I could be a giant squid again.
Kelsea- I love the hats and the hearts on the back.
K-momo- It really should be a Turkey memorial instead of Abe.
Alex Frazier- you are and will always be you, always needing to
be different.
David & Gigi-I wish that I could have helped make and eat
the deliciousness.
Chris McCook- The first thing that I thought when I saw yours
was before I read the name was,"Has Chris's hand-writing
gotten worse?"
The McCooks- I totally dig the spikey hair.
Jeanette- Who says that Ninjas and Pirates cant be friends.
Lola and Taboosh-Lola lose weight, taboosh keep being awesome.
Joyful- I hope hope you enjoyed the lounging in the chair.
Charlie- I wish that I could have had as good of food as you did.
Renee- I will need to buy some more gatorade when I get to Boise.
Gus-Nice job on the Turkey!!
Bowen- Did you get help with your turkey because I thought that
I was looking at a picture.
Ilah- I will sure try to visit you sometime at your house.
Lori- Elder se dice, Elder
Puppies- I miss you so much and I still need a picture.
Colie- It's not that cold stop whining haha.
Trevor- Smart turkey, way to wear your helmet.
Dad- I like that you put the cars in order of the constructor
championship standings.
Mom- where did you get those hideous feathers?

I am thankful for all of you and I am also thankful that I get to hear Two
amazing devotionals from Elder Oaks and Elder Holland.

I am out of time and need to get food before they close so talk
to you when i'm in Boise!!!!

Con Amor,
Elder Paxton

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