Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!

Yesterday was a non-proselyting day so we just chilled around
the house until night time when we had some appointments
to go to. We got to brand and vaccinate cows. I think I am going
to be a vet because I have now vaccinated cows and dogs in one
week, without training, so I am pretty sure I could handle being
a vet.

This past week we have used our bikes a lot and by some milagro
we made our miles. I think last week we had maybe 100 left with
6 days of driving and we live 8 miles away from the town
(which is called the hub city because all of the cities connect
into it, but these days every city is connected Wendell just
wants to sound important). We have done 66 miles on our
bikes in the last week. One day we rode to Gooding which is
10 miles north of town and there is a wicked wind that comes
from the west almost every day, so we had a lot of wind
riding days.

Last night we went and taught our super golden super awesome
investigator, Miguel, and it went really well, we taught the word
of wisdom, he was so accepting when we committed him to stop
participating in all 5 of the things(alcohol, tobacco, tea, coffee,
drugs) individually. After we said dejara de tomar_________,
he right away would say si. He also raised the concern that it
would be really hard so we shared 1 nefi 7:16-17, where nephi
is tied up by his brothers(or by addictions) and he cries to the
lord, by my faith in thee set me free (that isn't his exact words
but it rhymed so I thought it was funny) anyways, we told him
that if you pray to God in faith he will be able to be set free
from these bands that are tying him down. It was really good
and we are still waiting to hear back from the higher-ups
about night sacrament. We are still hoping and praying for it.
We would be able to get a few baptisms because of it, but
whatever the Lord decides is for the best of the group and
our investigators.

Not much else has happened this week, it was a pretty slow
week, but we are happy and working.

Elder Paxton

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