Wednesday, May 26, 2010

2 Emails in One...

Last week's email that didn' t come...

This week has been very busy, we have been working a lot
and did quite a bit of tracting. We walked a total of 12 miles
in two days, our legs and backs were pretty tired. We taught
a bunch of lessons this week,18, which is a lot for the Spanish
missionaries here. We have one boy who wants to be baptized
but his dad wont let him. Both he and his mom are super ready.
He has read the entire Book of Mormon in braille, he is super

Besides walking a lot this week was pretty uneventful.
We haven't done as much service recently, but we did mow a
dandelion field (someones lawn) in our shirt and ties. I took a
video of Elder Sandstrom mowing, but won't send it because
it is too big.

Elder Wright is coming tomorrow and Elder Sandstrom
is getting sent to Ontario Oregon, he is happy
to be leaving, he has been here for a little while. I can't really
think of anything else that has happened this week. I hope all
is well back where it is good and hot.

Love Elder Paxton

This week's email...

This week has gone pretty fast, it was a little long because I still
don't know the area super well so we did a lot of wandering.

I do have good news, I got to finally ride my bike. As of today we
have enough miles to go 20 a day for the rest of the month,
so we are going to drive to the church, park and ride into town,
it takes us 17 miles to get to the church and back from our house.
So we should hopefully not go over too much. We are also trying
to get more rides so we can get more work done.

Last night we taught a couple of lessons, one to someone that
we found tracting. They are pretty much my first investigator
that I have found tracting. I have not done an awful lot of it but
my fair share. Anyways he had a whole bunch of really good
questions. He has even told his family that they shouldn't worship
la virgen maria guadalupe, la madre de dios, because one she isn't
even a virgin anymore, she has had other children, and perhaps
more importantly the 2nd of the 10 commandments says not to
worship false images.

The other lesson that we taught was super awesome, these guys
are so golden and have super testimonies. Because of the big fat
dairymen who won't give them Sunday off they can't go to church
and get baptized. They told us last night that they have also been
listening to the j dubs (Jehovah Witness), and they(the investigators)
said that they will listen to anyone and respect their religion,
but this(holding the book of Mormon up) is their religion. It was
so great to hear that from them, they already have a testimony
bien fuerte. These are the same guys who ask if they needed
to quit their jobs to go to church. The general authorities and
the 12 are going to have a meeting to discuss night sacrament,
starting at 7 or 7:30. We are praying for it so we can have our
investigators go to church.

Oh yeah I forgot I have a new companion I almost forgot.
His name is Elder Wright he is from Virgina. His dad works for
the FBI so he has lived in Utah, Hawaii, Ecuador, California and
Pennsylvania so he has gotten around a little bit in his life. Right
now his family lives in Virgina and his dad works in DC. He is super
obedient so I always have to back him out, even in an empty
church parking lot which I don't really see the point of, but it is
good to be exactly obedient.

President Yardley is going to go home this transfer and our new
president is going to be here in about one month. I am getting
excited for him to come. He probably is going to be super strict
since P. Yardley is a little more "laid back" for lack of a better word.

Well, that is pretty much all that is going on here in the hub city of Idaho
(that is what they call Wendell)


Elder Paxton

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