Thursday, May 13, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

I will begin this entry with my own comments about Mother's Day!
I had an awesome day spending it with my 2 children at home
(Trevor and Nicole) and then we got to talk to Chris for about an
hour. We had a great visit. He sounds great and still sounds
like Chris. He said next week is transfers, but he will be staying
in Wendell, but will be getting a new companion.

He talked about the splits that they do and he said that some
of the Elders need to do splits because they need a break from
their companion. Chris said that he has been very lucky and
has not had any problems with his companions and just
goes on the splits for a change of scenery. I think it is Chris's
easy going personality that also contributes to his ability to
get along with all of his companions.

It was really nice to be able to ask him questions and get answers
back right away. We know how Chris does not always answer
my questions in my emails.

He said the trailer that they live in is pretty nice. He said that he
does have a nosy neighbor that likes to call the mission
president and tell him when he thinks the elders are not
doing what they are supposed to be doing. One day he
called the mission president to tell him that Chris and his
companion were leaving for the day late and they were
dressed in jeans and t-shirts. The president had to tell
the neighbor that the Spanish speaking elders don't leave
their homes until noon and they were in jeans and t-shirts
because they were going to do service.

Chris said they had to get rid of their "pets". The owner of
the trailer was not thrilled to hear they were keeping spiders
and snakes in her trailer. Trevor tried to ask if he could
get rid of the tarantula that Chris left behind in his room
at home, but Chris said "NO".

After talking to him for an hour, we really got all caught
up on what he is doing and what is going on at home.

His p-day was only 2 days later, so he did not have a lot
to say in his email. He did try to attach pictures with his
email, but they did not come through, so most of his email
did not make sense because we did not get the pictures.

Maybe next week he will figure out how to attach the

Here is part of his short email, minus the picture descriptions.

So pretty much nothing has happened since Sunday, we are
expecting transfer calls tonight so next week I will be able
to tell you who my companion is and all that fun stuff.

We have been working super hard. We went tracting in the
rain for 6 hours you can see the results
. (need picture)

Last night we had a pretty good FHE with a part member
family and we got the non member to read and he was
showing a little bit of interests which is a big improvement
then just sitting there and seeming to be in his own world.

That is pretty much everything that is going on here we
are trying to keep busy and not die from the smell of the


Elder Paxton

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