Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Better Week?

So this past week was another uneventful week. We are trying to get a little bit more work going in Gooding, which is north of Wendell, in our area. That of course is going to go slow and tough until we get some more investigators there.

We have one couple that we are planning on setting a baptismal date with tomorrow night. Hopefully they will be there and not cancel on us. We also dropped one of our eternal investigators. They have been taught for 7 months by the missionaries, haven't gone to church once yet and the wife hasn't "had time" to read or pray about the Book of Mormon. We figured that it isn't worth our time to go over there, even though that will probably mean more tracting, and we are running out of places to tract. We have a couple of new potentials that we feel pretty good about so hopefully they will turn into investigators soon.

This last Friday night we went to our dinner appointment and we were just about to sit down to eat, and the mom's phone rings. It was her daughter saying that they had gotten in an accident, so the dad and older brother left to go check on them, leaving us with the mom, alone. Since we cant do that, we went to see if everything was okay. As we pull up we see a car in the canal, upside down. Both of the girls had gotten out and were okay. They had some nice cut up knees and one was saying that her neck hurt a little bit. they weren't wearing their seat belts and she hit her head on the roof when they rolled. The paramedics backboarded her and took her to the hospital. We talked to her dad at church and he said she is doing alright. It was pretty ridiculous when the tow truck pulled the car out. I would think that they would flip it over first then pull it out, but the winch on those things are so strong, it pulled it out of the canal on its roof like it was nothing. Needless to say the car was totaled. Both of the girls are lucky to be alive, just more evidence that God is always watching over us.

So just a normal week in the mission for me, I am starting to expect to be in or see an accident now. Besides that there really isn't much to say about this last week. Elder wright and I are feeling much better and are still getting along great, so far I haven't found anyone out here that I wouldn't get a long with.

Yesterday was President Yardley's last day in the mission and today is President Cannon's first official day. I am really looking forward to meeting him later this week, on Friday. I can't believe that I wont see or hear from President Yardley for at least a year. He isn't allowed to communicate with us for a year, but that is probably good so that our new president doesn't feel like he is getting cheated on.

I am planning on sending my card home at the start of next month so it will be in a week or so.

We are going to go get a hair cut and some free ice cream now.

Hasta next week,
Elder Paxton

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