Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tricky Phone Call

On Father's Day Frank received a call from a member in Wendell, Idaho. Chris just happened to be there for dinner and they held up the phone and Chris yelled across the room "Happy Father's Day Pops!" I asked him about how this came about and this was his response...

We were eating dinner with our neighbors' and we had talked about how we don't get to call fathers. Sister Anderson said that they have done things like that in the past so it wasn't my idea at all I never even touched the phone. I didn't get dad a card but I figured that I wouldn't need too after doing that.

So this last week was pretty boring, besides Tuesday. On Tuesday morning we got to talk with president. I always bring a few questions to ask him because he is way smarter then all of us missionaries. He told us that he would probably leave Elder Wright and me in Wendell, and on Thursday when we got our transfer calls we found out that we are both staying. Hopefully now we will get to see the night sacraments, and maybe a baptism. This next transfer will be so weird, I have never stayed with a companion for more then one transfer and this will be the longest that I will have been in an area, so far.

I am feeling much better now. My sore throat is pretty much gone and my cough is trying to hang on but it is much better. The other night Elder Wright woke up with a bad cough and a fever and a sore throat. He is feeling much better now, but yesterday we had to make a trip to the doctor, because his stomach felt like it was on fire. He said it wasn't heart burn, so that wasn't very fun, also it used a lot of miles,. Thankfully we have been good with our use of miles so we should be okay even though we cant ride our bikes.

Our investigators have been doing well, they are progressing as much as they can. We are still waiting for the word on night sacraments and our patience is being tested big time. We are hoping to be able to set a couple of baptismal dates tomorrow with some investigators, in Gooding, so hopefully we will be able to see them get baptized.

That is pretty much all that is going on here. We are still playing the waiting game.


Elder Paxton

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