Monday, June 14, 2010


Did I scare you?

We get to write a day early because tomorrow is going to
be super busy. We have interviews at 9 then an activity
from 11am-5pm. President gave us permission to write
today. Tomorrow may be the last day that I get to see
President Yardley. He is going to leave on the 28th and
that is when President Cannon comes. Something interesting
that President told us is that they don't talk missionaries,
we all get a clean slate, even the super apostate missionaries
get another chance to be good.

So this past week was kind of bleh. I have had a sore throat
and cough so I have been suffering with that and we are
still waiting on the response from the Brethren on the night
sacraments so our investigators can progress and we can
have some more success. Besides that pretty much nothing
has happened. Today is pretty much the first summer day
that we have had, it has been really really nice the past few
days, for me, partly cloudy kind of windy and in the high 60's.
Every one else has found it necessary to complain about it,
how it should be summer blah blah blah. Today they have
no reason to complain. No clouds no wind and it is a little hot.
I am grateful that I have short sleeve shirts.

Also this last week there was a loss in the family. I think you got
my letter. My bike is broken :( a few weeks ago I saw that the
pedal was unscrewing itself and I tried to fix it correctly by
taking it off and then putting it back on. Even with the members
tools I couldn't get it off. So what he kept saying was that it is
stuck so you don't need to worry about it. I wasn't very happy
because I don't like just patching things I like them to be fixed.
So last Wednesday I felt a wobble in my left pedal and noticed
that the part that screws in was very crooked, so we stopped
and when I touched my pedal it fell into my hand. It had
completely stripped the threads.

I knew that leaving it "stuck" wasn't a good idea but it was
too late and there wasn't really anything that I could do
about it. So i am pretty sure that I wont be riding for a little
while, which is sad.

We are seeking for the things that are praiseworthy
or of good report but they are really hard to find among the
cows, and now the flies(that is the one thing that out numbers the cows).

I am really looking forward to tomorrow, I love being able to talk
with President personally. I always bring a bunch of questions
to ask, written down, so I don't forget them, I have been slightly
less forgetful out here but still forget A LOT.

Well I think that is pretty much all that is going on in our lives
here in Wendell.


Elder Paxton

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