Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Orange Ties

Dear all,

This week has gone by so fast. The days feel so long but the
weeks are so fast. I am thinking that is how life goes. The
days get longer and longer but the weeks, months, and
years go by faster and faster.

We still have no word on when our night sacraments
will start. We are hoping that it is very soon. Our super
good investigator is going to try to ask for this and
maybe next Sunday off so he can come to church,
which would mean if he could stop drinking he would
get baptized within weeks, I think.

We have also found a couple of new potential
investigators from doing some tracting. They seem
to be pretty interested, we left a Book of Mormon
with one and he said that he is going to read it.
We have also found a lot of angry Jehovah's Witnesses
here, more than I have ever seen and they also
seem like they do a very good job at their missionary
work, which sometimes makes our life a little harder.
One of our inv. was talking to a jw and the jw's point
of how we were wrong is that our book doesn't have
the word Noah in it, which I really don' t understand
why that would really matter but it does have the
word Noah in it if you just read it (Mosiah 12
and others) so the jw here really don't like us.
We have knocked on a few doors and they are just
so excited to tell us how wrong we are, mostly by
using scriptures out of context, it is pretty funny
and I just laugh inside, out loud when we are far
enough away.

Not a whole lot has happened this past week
English classes are going pretty well. We are
working as hard as we can and really enjoying life.
We are not looking forward to President Yardley
leaving on the 28th, but we are getting excited for
President Cannon to come. At President Yardley's
last zone conference last week we all had on our
orange ties. That is his favorite color, it was pretty
cool to see. We Mormon missionaries really did all
look the same.


Elder Paxton

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