Friday, April 2, 2010

Finally some pictures!

Chris finally sent home his memory card from his camera.
There were some pretty interesting pictures and videos
on the card. I am only going to post a few.

These are a few scenery shots from his current area in Oakley.

Here is Chris and his companions doing some service on a farm

Elder Paxton

Elder Pauni

Elder Riquelme

In a post earlier this month Chris talked about some of their service projects

He talked about picking up dead birds and animals

I will not include the video of them picking up the dead rabbits.
That can be something Chris can share with you when he gets home. I think it might upset the women and children if I post it here on his blog

Moving minks during mating season

From the looks of this video it is not all work for these elders!

It was great to get to see him and his companions. I hope it won't be quite as long next time before we get to see more pictures.

Momma P

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