Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More about Wendell

We live in a Vitt-mobile travel trailer and it is on someones farm,
haha just kidding it is a single wide mobile home, but it is
surrounded by farms. The lady bugs in the bathroom are real
and so are all of the other spiders and bugs in the house. It is a
pretty nice place to live, just a little warm now that things are
warming up out here. We will need to buy a fan to keep cool.

You can take the boy out of the zoo but you can't take the zoo
out of the boy. This week we have obtained a few more pets,
a snake and 5 frogs, all of which we caught outside of our house.
the snake we put in a box and we forgot that snakes can climb
up the corners, so it is probably in our house somewhere.
We try to feed the frogs but they are kind of lame. We gave
one frog the black widow and it tried to eat it, but no matter
how many times it shot its tongue at it, he couldn't eat it.
We also gave them some worms which they just licked.
They do eat the lady bugs real quick though.

Elder Sandstrom is from Mesa, around Signal Butte and
Warner, so WAAAAY out there. He and I get along very
well and we like to talk about things in Arizona. It is really
funny when we tell people that we are from the same area.
They like to ask if we knew each other before the mission,
we tell them that we come from a 4 million person city.
People like to think that the whole world is just small towns
where everyone knows everyone.

So last night we taught an awesome lesson, well we taught
the restoration, but this guy had a question from the last
time we taught him,. Last time we taught about praying,
reading the scriptures, and going to church. We told him
how important it is to have all three, so last night he asked
us if he had to quit his job to go to church, because he really
wants to go. It just really stood out to me how much he wants
to go to church and how well he remembers the things that
we taught. We have a couple of other really good investigators.

We need to get going, we are going to have a huge fire,
pictures and videos will be taken.


Elder Paxton

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