Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lots of answers to Mom's questions...

So our house isn't really a house...we live in a trailer, I am
officially trailer trash now. It is actually pretty nice. There
are a lot of lady bugs in the bathroom. We are kind of
breaking the rules, we have a pet, and it is a black widow
spider that lives in an apple juice jug. We feed it flies and I
poke it with a stick, it is pretty funny.

Elder Sandstrom and I have gotten up on time every day except
one so far, which is nice. We have quite a few investigators.
We have one who we went over the baptismal interview questions
with, and she answered every question perfectly, except for the
last one which is, "are you ready to be baptized". It kind of
frustrates me when people say that they aren't because most of
the time they are super ready but they don't realize it.
So far there is no sure way to help them realize it. So we are
hoping that she finds out that she is ready real soon

Last night we taught a lesson to a bunch of guys, they all live
in a trailer together and E. sandstrom said that originally it
was just one guy there and the others would go and hide, but
slowly more kept coming and listening. Last night there were
4 guys and one of their girlfriends, so we feel really good about that.

We are about 30 minutes away from Twin Falls and I think we
go to the temple about ever other week which is cool. I think it
would be better for me to go and buy some shirts up here,
you know how picky I can be with things like that. Also I will
need a couple extra dollars for some new pants. The non suit pants
that I brought that say they are the same size and as far as I
remember they fit the same as the others, don't fit, so I gave
them to Elder Sandstrom since I figured I probably won't get
a whole lot skinnier.

There have been a few times that I wished I had a camera but not
too many, and Elder Riquelme said he would send me the pictures
that we took, so hopefully he does that so you all can see me being
a real cowboy haha.

There is a quite a bit of Spanish work in this area and there are
English Elders too so I won't really have to do very much English
work. I think President read my mind at last interviews. I really
want to keep on improving my Spanish so that I can amaze all the
Mexicans. All the time they ask my companion, who they know
speaks Spanish, if I do as well, I just say 'pocito' and then when it
is my turn to teach sometimes they are amazed at how much
(which isn't that much) I do know.

So that is pretty much all that is going on in my life here,
that I can remember.


Elder Paxton

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