Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Playing Cowboy and on the move again...

Please send all mail to the office that hasn't already been sent.

Last Tuesday night we got transfer calls and I am going to
Wendell. I am kind of excited to go and at the same time not.
There are about 400,000,000 cows there and all of the
Hispanics work in the dairy and can't go to church because
the cows have to be milked. I am going to be with Elder
Sandstrom and I have heard that he is really cool and a
good worker, but he has trouble waking up on time.
It's a good thing that I don't have a problem with that
too much. I also think he is from Arizona as well so that is cool.

I had a great time putting my bike together, it looked
really cool sitting in our house, the other guys never
did get any because the members are totally lame.
I did have a good time taking it apart again and putting
it all back in to the box. I am pretty sure that Elder Sandstrom
is kind of lazy, but I will really push the whole bike idea.
I would love to be able to ride again.

This morning we got to go do some real farm work.
We started off with feeding a bunch of cows and horses,
We loaded a flat bed truck with 2 one ton bails of hay,
and then went to the field and peeled them apart layer
by layer while the truck was driving itself. Then we had
to tag and brand a couple of bulls, so we encouraged them
to go in to a thinging(very technical term) to hold them
with an electric cattle prod and then I got to brand one,
which smells as good as you imagine. And tag one, give it
a super cute blue ear ring. That was pretty fun, especially
when I hit E Riquelme with the prod, haha he got me back,
it really doesn't hurt that bad when it is just one zap. We had
fun being cowboys for the day though.

I don't know if I have told you about our cats that live outside
of our house. One is now totally prego and the other one likes
to go for rides in the engine compartment of our car. One day we
went out and came home 15 or 20 minutes later and we heard it
meowing and we opened up our hood and there it was haha.
Most recently we went to Mcdonalds and when I was backing up
e.r. I saw it running away so it may be gone for ever.

This week has been a pretty fun week for us. Also one of our
investigators peaced out one day and took his landlords 4 wheeler
and owes him around 5000 dollars and everything in the house,
no one knows where he went.

I am really hoping that when I get home today there is a pretty
package on my porch. Also send more short sleeve shirts or
money for them, it is now the season of no jackets. Haha,
yesterday we didn't wear any and it was snowing pretty hard.
Elder Pauni and I had a contest to see who could hold their arm
out the window the longest, while driving 70, we had sheets of ice
on our arms and they were red for a long time.

Well its time to go enjoy our free bowling.

Love Elder Paxtonius Maximus

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