Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Okay, so we just got out of the temple here in twin, even though
it is really small it kind of reminds me of the Mesa temple, I'm
not sure why.

I really wouldn't be surprised if Mom had a count down to
Mother's Day that is to the hour. I still have control of when
I call...if I call...I think if I did that Mom would come up here
and choke me or something. I think we will be calling after
church(your church).

So Nancy sent me a letter and told me that the Spanish branch is
now a ward, that is so cool. Our Spanish group is hoping to
become a branch pretty soon. But it will be weird to not call Rio
Salado a branch it has always been The Branch, and now it is
The Spanish Ward, so what are the times for the wards?

We had a super awesome bonfire last Tuesday. We spent around
a week setting it up and it was so well packed it was crazy huge,
crazy fast. So what we did was, there was a tree stump and we piled
dried tumble weeds around that, then we put a layer of ten or so
railroad ties, then a layer of small to medium sticks and branches
then another layer of 10ish railroad ties, it was so hot that I was
standing 15-20 feet away and still got slightly burned. After it
was all out, on the ground, what was burned(grass and stuff)
reached out around 15 feet at the farthest point, but it was so hot
that it dried out and killed the grass about 25 feet at the farthest
point. It was really impressive and I have a picture of it and the
thick black smoke looks so cool.

This past Saturday I had the opportunity to baptize someone.
It was a child of record, unfortunately not one of our
investigators. It was pretty fun though. I was supposed to
give a talk but, what happened is that the boys uncle was
supposed to come and do it but never did show up. So we
thought we would have is dad do it but, he doesn't speak a
whole lot of English, and the boy doesn't really understand
much Spanish(his mom speaks English). I happened to have
an extra pair of underwear, I was on exchanges in Sun Valley
the day before and still had my stuff in the car. So I said that I
could do it. It was pretty fun for me because that was the first
time that I had ever baptized someone living. I have done
them in the temple for the dead but never for someone living.

So that is pretty much everything going on here in Wendell.

I think today we might go race go karts so that will be fun.

Elder Paxton.

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