Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Chris's email this week is very short. He is always very
busy on his p-day. Yesterday my parents (Grandpa
and Grandma DeMond) got to see Chris and said he
is doing well. He is very happy to have his bike, but
now his companions need to get bikes so they can
all ride. He told my parents that his companions have
been offered bikes to borrow, so they may be riding
soon. A little exercise will do them good!

Still waiting for pictures, hopefully he will send some
soon. He has to send us his new camera so that we
can get it replaced, so I am hoping the memory
card will come with it too.

Here is what he wrote this week:

Hey mom how are you guys doing....????
Well my companions and I are doing really good
and just last week after coming from an okay week
with spring break this last week was a little a
better one...

On Friday the 26th we had a baptism and her name
is Alexis Platt and she is just a little angel....I mean
before we even met she has been going to church by
herself and she is only 9 years-old. It's just amazing
how the Lord works his miracles. It was really cool the
other night we taught a Hispanic guy and we were
reading in the book of Moroni 7, it kind of focuses
on how we are able to gain faith in our Savior Jesucristo.
I really love how things really flow after we do our part
and try to do the best that we can he has got our
back and especially when we are doing his work.

Sorry this letter is really short but we are very busy today
and we need to get going.

Elder Paxton

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