Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I have some bad news...

I hope you got insurance on my new camera because
Elder Pauni cracked the screen and I can't see anything
on it. (that is the bad news)

Nicole I sent you a letter today to home.
I don't know you address up there.

Anyways, life is going pretty well here, we are trying
to keep busy. This last week was spring break for
everyone so there was no one home all week.
We did meet this really nice Mexican guy, but he
told us that he won't go to church because he is poor
and everyone there is rich(which is not true in the branch).
Also there are A LOT of in actives and they don't always
do good things, as we all know, and that has effected
many peoples view of the church.

So I am really looking forward to riding, also I am looking
forward to putting my bike back together, that should
be fun times. The other day we had dinner with a guy
who got hit on his bike about 6 months ago, but I got to
talk bike with him. He told me that I have to do the Spud
man it is a tri comp that goes right through my current area.
The only hard part would be the running, it is an Olympic
sized one so I think it is a 10k run but that would be really
fun I think.

So that is pretty much everything that is going on in my
life here. This week I am really looking forward to
interviews with President Yardley it really is such a
great opportunity to be able to speak with him one on one.

Okay I love you all bye bye
Elder Paxton

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