Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I need my bike!

I already told dad but I need my bike sent to me ASAP!!!
We are planning on saving miles on our car and we are
feeling fat so we want to be more active. The sooner I can
get my bike the better.

This week has gone by quick. I am really enjoying Oakley.
I am planning on getting Dad some Oakley sunglasses,
not the brand just sunglasses from Oakley.

We are really trying to teach a lot of people but since
it is spring break no one is around. We are trying to focus
on the Spanish work here since there is a good amount
of potential and right now there is next to nothing going.
Hopefully that will work out for us.

Some more sad news, I have lost the memory card
from my old camera so those pictures are probably
not going to be sent home seeing as I don't know
where they are. I have been taking a lot more with
my new and improved one.

One of my favorite things about here are all the
opportunities for service. We could probably help
someone everyday here if we wanted. Yesterday we
picked up around 1 or 2 hundred dead birds. We seem
to pick up a lot of dead animals, cows, pigs, rabbits you
name it we have probably picked it up. We really love
doing service. We also met some potential Hispanic
investigators through service. We helped move some
minks (living). It is mating season so they need to be
moved around a lot, that was fun. They also like to bite,
and are hard to catch when one gets loose. They aren't
very fast but are pretty slippery.

We are always looking for more ways to serve people
and have seen some fruits of our labors.

Well we have an appointment to go to now and we still
need to get ready.

Love Elder Paxton

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