Tuesday, March 9, 2010


My email this week was full of a bunch of questions, so
Chris answered some of them. His email may seem
a little odd, but I think you can figure out the
questions by reading the answers.

I'm not sure what happened to the bus driver and
I don't know who got cited. I think one of the bus
drivers was cited. One kid had to get two stitches
from an accident that happened before he got on
the bus, he fell and hit his head on a curb. So far
we haven't walked into town but we are planning
on doing it again. President just called and made
sure we were all okay, he didn't have much to
say. The three of us will be together for the
whole transfer. No one really knows why we
got put in a three some. Elder Pauni has been
in three threesomes his whole mission, maybe
he is a trouble maker and needs two to watch
him haha.
Elder Riquelme is from Chile and his family
lives in Santiago, but they are all fine. He hasn't
been able to call because the phones are dead.
They were very well prepared as well as the
missionaries because of the mission president
told everyone to prepare for an earthquake.
That is another example that the lord watches
over his servants.
Elder Pauni is originally from Tonga, and has
lived in Samoa and Hawaii and Texas and
Utah. He has 8 brothers and sisters. He is
really funny and is the veteran of the area.
He has been here for a day and a half longer
than me. So it is kind of the legally blind leading
the clinically blind. We are starting to get to
know the area and have a couple of people that
we regularly teach. One is 9 and has a baptismal
date for Mar 20. She has been going to primary
for years and we have taught her three times
now. We also have another person that is
getting very close to being baptized.
Our area covers just south of Burley and goes
down to a small town in Utah, Grouse Creek.
We are planning on going down there sometime
Also we woke up today with a blanket of snow,
and it is still snowing a little bit. Everything is
white and fun. We should be going and playing
in it soon haha.
Well all is well here in Idaho and I haven't
been hit by another bus which is nice. We
need to go and do some shopping so bye bye.
Elder Paxton

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