Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Miraculous week!

Una Semana Milagrosa,

Elder Phelps is from Mesa, about 5 minutes,walking distance, from the Temple. He has been out for about 8 months and has so far served in Oakley and Nampa. We are really having a good time serving together and have seen a lot of miracles. We have also been getting along very well.

The first picture I attached is of the De Jesus family, I taught them a year ago in Caldwell and they got baptized while I was there, this is them outside of the Boise Temple after their sealing.

It was such a spiritual event to witness, and you could just see the joy on their faces. They, and I, waited, and prepared, for 1 year 2 months and 11 days to go to the temple and it was well worth the wait. They are such a great family that all of the missionaries love, because they are so humble and giving. Not to sound prideful, but they were really excited to see me there, because they weren't expecting me to make it.

Later that day we had our third baptism in three weeks. Melissa Rodriguez is the 11 year old daughter of Zenaida, who is the "wife", and she is such a cool girl, a sponge of information. One time while I was over there I told the family my first name and she over heard it from the other room and hasn't forgotten it. She is working on memorizing the Articles of Faith, she knows all of the book in the Book of Mormon. Last night we went over to their house and were reading in the bible as a family and she was memorizing the books in the new testament. She is awesome and will be a great leader in the church some day.

We really have had a great time serving together and are enjoying all of the lords blessings that we have seen. The Lord has really blessed me in this area for all of the work Elder Cottam and I have done, and I know that he will bless Elder Phelps and I just as much, if we continue to work just as hard.

As soon as I get my camera card I will send my card home so you all can enjoy the other pictures that I have been taking.


LDR Paxton

As a mom side note this week, on Easter Sunday I got a call from one of Elder Paxton's investigators. She used to live in Ontario Oregon and Chris was teaching her, but now she has moved to Phoenix. Chris gave her my phone number and she called me and told me that she got my number from Elder Paxton and she wanted to ask if I could send the missionaries in Phoenix to her house. Of course, I obliged and called the visitors center at the temple and they will have the missionaries in her area contact her. It was fun to have a little "Chris Connection" with his missionary work.

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