Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Another baptism!

We had another great week. The baptism of Donna Lewis that we had yesterday was a wonderful experience and it was great to have her whole family there. All of her 6 children where in attendance and felt the spirit of the occasion. Her youngest daughter, Jalin 11 years, asked us last night if she could be baptized in two weeks, so we are basically going to be living with them to teach her everything that she needs to know in order to be baptized. We will be setting a date with her some time this week. We asked Trevor, 18 years, at the baptism if he was getting excited for his baptism(we haven't really taught him, but he did come to church this week) and he told us that it wouldn't be so bad if he got baptized, so we are going to start to work with him and see how interested he will be. We also talked to one of Donna's other daughters, Savannah, 15 years, previously she hadn't shown any interests, but after the baptism she is seeming to want to hear a little bit more about the gospel. If the family isn't careful all of them might be going to the temple to all be sealed before too long.

We are really seeing such great things happening in this area. In the Spanish branch, Zenaida is working on her divorce. She is going to call Mexico to see if she can get divorced through their government faster and easier than in Oregon. Her, Cornelio(her soon to be husband), and Dulce(her daughter), all have a great testimony and really understand the Doctrine of Christ, and are are ready to be baptized as soon as we work out a couple of things.

Elder Phelps and are are having a great time serving together and we are trying to do the best we can to help the area progress even more. We have been blessed to have 4 baptisms in 23 days, I am pretty sure that is a personal record. We are also planning on having a fireside to get people excited about missionary work. We still need to plan basically everything, but it will be good.

This Saturday Elder Phelps will be calling to set up a time for Sunday for me to call. We will try to make it as close to 4 as possible.


Elder Paxton

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