Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"I like to look for rainbows..."

Dearest Familyest,

Last night we had a great baptism of Jalin Lewis. The Spirit was so strong and we really had a lot of people there to support her. The activity day aged girls (Primary girls from 8-12) sang When I Am Baptized and it was really special. It was really special, because after Donna's (her mom) baptism, a couple of weeks ago, on the way to our next appointment we saw a rainbow and both Elder Phelps and I both started to sing, "I like to look for rainbows..." It was a great baptism even though I had to give a talk.

The Skinners, the red neck wedding family, are now both eligible for baptism, although Sandie is the only one that is really that interested at this moment. She is planning on being baptized on June 4th and she wants to do it down at the river. It is probably around 45 degrees being that it is mostly snow melt, so we are trying to talk her out of it. I have been meaning to talk with President and see if there is a way that we can get him to veto the idea, but we will see what actually happens in the end.

This morning was great because a brother from the New Plymouth 2nd ward took us down to the temple, to help us get as many temple trips in before July 11, when the temple will be closed for who knows how long. It was really fun because President Cannon and his wife were there as well. It is always to see him and see how much he loves all of the missionaries in the whole mission. I feel pretty lucky to be a Spanish missionary and to "have a special place in his heart." Last week after zone conference while we were waiting for our ride he mentioned to us about how much he loves all of the missionaries but that the Spanish elders are special. Probably because we have to learn another language, but today we saw that Sister Cannon has her tag in Spanish, so that makes me wonder if there is any other reason why they think the Spanish elders are special. It is obvious that he loves everyone, you can look at him and tell very easily.

The family that called you on Easter is a member family, the most recent convert in the family got baptized about a week before I got to Ontario. I am glad that you are thinking about getting the missionaries to them to teach, but Elder Cottam already beat you to the kill.

Elder Phelps and I have really been enjoying our time together in this area and have been trying very hard to keep the work up and going.We are a little sad for transfer calls to be coming up so soon and are excited and nervous to see what is going to happen. We both know that what ever happens is the Lords will and we are both ready to go and do the things that the lord commands through our loving President.


Elder Paxton

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