Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Staying or Moving?

Staying...So I am looking forward to serving in the great Ontario Spanish/New Plymouth English area for the 14th transfer period of my mission. Elder Phelps was extremely ecstatic to hear that we would be serving together for another transfer. He often reminds me that I have been his favorite companion thus far in the mission.

I am starting to feel extremely old now that I am 20 (in mission age). I really try to hide my "age" from the members to avoid the dumb comments that always follow (i.e. "Oh you are almost home," or "You are probably getting trunky huh?" or other dumb things). The way I avoid that is when they ask I just say that I have been out for over a year, they usually just say, "oh okay," and leave it at that.

Here is a picture of Zoe that I sent to Chris with the caption "I hope they call me on a mission"

Zoe looks like she is ready to hop on a plane and come serve with me. I know that I would be perfectly okay with that and I know of a lot of the people up here would be totally okay with us having a third companion. There is a family that has a perfect lab family. The Daddy dog is a chocolate, the Mommy dog is black, and the baby dog is yellow (attached is the family picture).

They were all so cute together sitting outside of the door of one of the part member families that we visit.

On Sunday we had another great line up of Sacrament meetings. In the first ward Brother Jones, quite possibly the best ward missionary of all time, gave a talk and spoke on the importance of always keeping your goal as the Temple, especially in missionary work. And in the second ward, President and Sister Cannon came and spoke and as always it was a great treat to hear from them. They also stayed and participated in our gospel principles class. Elder Phelps and I always enjoy hearing from President and now the second ward was privileged to hear from him as well. Hopefully it will help the work in that ward because as of right now not a whole lot is happening there. We are also getting a new ward mission leader in the second ward and that might help as well.

Yesterday we had a really fun day. We went to two barbecues, one in New Plymouth and one in Ontario, the first being an American barbecue and the second being Mexican. It was great because between the two we were able to contact all of our major investigators. It really made it easy to show that we are real people and not just salesmen. We weren't able to teach a lesson yesterday but we made some appointments for later on this week and we are hoping to be able to see the blessings from our "office" work as the week unfolds.

We are hoping for a lot of great success during this transfer and should really be super busy all transfer long with a bunch of baptisms. We might even have two in one day, and depending on how things work out and maybe one the next day as well.

Hope everything is going great and that you are all enjoying the weather which last saturday was exactly twice as hot as our temp, haha


Elder Paxton

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