Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Now Behold...

Now behold, it came to pass that I, Elder Paxton, having ministered much unto my people in word, (and I cannot write but a little of my words, because of the difficulty of typing our words upon emails) and we know that the things which I type upon emails must remain.

As we had hoped, our "office work" on Memorial Day really paid off. Wednesday we had four lessons. One of the lessons that we had we met two new investigators that would later (on Saturday) set July 2nd for their baptismal date. On Saturday we had another 4 lessons. As of right now we have four investigators with baptismal dates.

The closest one is going to be on this coming Saturday at four. She is going to be the newest addition of the Lewis family to the church. Her mom (Donna) got baptized on May 2nd and Jalin (her 11 year sister) got baptized on May 23rd. Savannah is 15 and is already planning on going to girls camp, which is on June 20-24, and might be going to youth conference and is very excited to be involved in all of the activities that the church has. She was spiritually converted to the church very quickly. The other day we were over at their house and everyone was talking about getting tattoos (Donna is a "mom" to about 30 of the kids in town and a couple were over that day). Savannah was just sitting there not saying anything, so I asked her what her opinion on tattoos was and she said that our bodies are a gift from God and that we shouldn't do anything to them, and we had never taught her anything along those lines. We are pretty sure that she is going to be the laurels president before too long.

The real miracle of the week didn't happen until Sunday. Our schedule on Sunday is as follows:
  • 7:30-New Plymouth 1st PEC
  • 9:00-NP1 Sacrament
  • 10:15-NP2 PEC
  • 11:00 NP2 Sacrament
  • 12:45-Branch classes
  • 2:15-Branch Sacrament
So, we are running around a lot. During NP1 Sacrament we had 5 investigators at church, which we were pretty excited to see that many people at church. In NP2 we had four more bringing our total up to 9 for the day (I have had entire transfers where there were less investigators at church, all six weeks combined) so we were even more excited. But the real amazement came when the Branch's Sacrament meeting started. We counted a total of 15 non-members above the age of 8, and a bunch more under 8, but they don't count as investigators. So we had a total of 24 investigators at church between the 3 units that we cover. We were so amazed to have that many people at church. All of the children that were there were a little loud (by a little I mean EXTREMELY), but one of the members got crayons and paper to keep them entertained and quiet.

We continue to see miracles and are loving all that is going on in this great area. On Thursday we had lunch with President Barlow (Stake President) and he says that the Ontario Stake has a tradition of being one of the highest baptizing stakes in the mission, and we sure are glad to be a part of it. Elder Phelps is hoping that he and I serve here until the end of my mission. I don't think that will happen but we would probably have a lot of success during that time.

And behold, I, Elder Paxton, am forbidden that I should write the remainder of the things which I saw and heard; wherefore the things which I have written sufficeth me; and I have written but a small part of the things which I saw.

Elder Paxton

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