Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Loved Conference!

Hello Family,
14,131,467 is a great number. It is also interesting to think that 1) I am one of those numbers and 2) I have been helping other people become part of that number as well. If you haven't figured out what it means, that is the total number of members world wide,as of December 31 2010, and we are continuing to grow. I think that we will make a big jump this year with the call to missionary work that we had last October. One other good number is 52,225, the number of full time missionaries world wide, which I am part of as well. General Conference is a great weekend. I really enjoy hearing from our leaders and feeling the Spirit with our investigators. We were able to watch four out of the five sessions with investigators, they all really enjoyed it, as far as I know.

One by product of General Conference is that after we watched the final session with the recently baptized Valdez family (they got baptized my first Saturday in Ontario) we got to talking and their 18 year old daughter, who didn't get baptized with the rest of the family. We have been reteaching her to see if she would want to be baptized. She asked us what all she would have to do in order to be baptized. So we explained everything and we asked when she would like to be baptized and she says that she wants to this week sometime. So we set the date for this Saturday and are making all of the arrangements to make it happen. We are very excited, but not nearly as excited as her mom is.

That was really cool. Other fun times we had this week was going back to my original area on exchanges. It was really fun because I got to see a couple of people that I knew. We had dinner with the Branch President, he has been released since I left, but I still call him presidente. And I also got to see the De Jesus family, the family that got baptized while I was serving in Caldwell. They are making great progress. They moved out of their tiny tiny one room apartment, into a really nice two bedroom house. They have had another child. And they just finished their temple preparation classes and are just waiting to be interviewed to go to the temple for their endowments and to be sealed. I really can't wait to see that happen. I also hope that I will be able to attend.

That is all the fun times for this week.

Elder Paxton

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