Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Valdez Baptism

So this last weekend we had our baptism of Katie Rose Valdez. These are a few of the pictures from the baptism.

It went really well, even though she had to be baptized four times because her dad kept saying the prayer wrong and would go a head and dunk her even though the witnesses were trying to stop him. We eventually got it right and she is now a confirmed member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Later-Day Saints.

Our other investigator, from that ward, that was planning on getting baptized this thursday has gotten a little case of cold feet. So we just went and adressed a couple of the "problems" that she had and we just told her to keep reading and praying about the Book of Mormon and that she will know that it is all true. She still wants to be baptized but just wants to be more sure.

We have in our other English ward a baptism planned for this Saturday and as far as we know it will happen. One sad thing is that his dad should be getting baptized with him but he can't quit smoking, so if any one knows any thing that can help we are up for suggestions.

In the Spanish branch we should also have a baptism this Saturday of an 11 year old girl with super active, non member parents, who pay tithing and everything and who would be baptized but they are waiting on a divorce(her parents are Cornelio and Cenaida). She is really learning a lot and knows so much for just going to church for about two months. Last night she told us that she likes talking to us and likes to learn about Jesus.

That is the report for this week.

Elder Paxton

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