Monday, February 7, 2011

No email? Awesome letter...

So last p-day I did not get an email from Elder Paxton. I was feeling pretty sad about not hearing from him. Then on Friday I came home to find a very large box had arrived addressed to Elder Paxton. I certainly was not going to wait for him to come home to open his own package, so I opened it. Inside was a beautiful framed Greg Olson print of the Savior overlooking Jerusalem.

There was not a note in the box or any explanation. Today I got the explanation. A letter that this missionary mom will cherish! Here is what he wrote:

Dear Mommy (and everyone I guess), Wednesday February 2, 2011

Yesterday we were shopping and almost our whole zone was there. While we were shopping we just thought that we would all get our mom's an extra special gift. So, we went to a church store. Right as we got there we knew that we were all understanding that we couldn't leave without getting something. We looked around for a while and to our amazement there was something for all. To show our love to our moms we all got a painting of Christ, as an example of our service and why we are out here. Mommy, thanks so much for everything. I hope that you like it.

Elder Paxton

I guess I will forgive him for no email last week. Now I should get another one tomorrow! What a great week!

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