Wednesday, February 9, 2011

No Email?

Dear You,
To start off I am extremely tired, we just got done playing a lot of soccer and a little bit of basketball. It was great exercise but I am pretty dead now.

Sorry the email from last week didn't go I did send it but for some reason there was an error or something. Hopefully you get it.

I am glad you liked the picture. We were in a Greg Olsen art place and I didn't know which one to get so I grabbed a phone book and tried calling Grandma and Lori to see if they knew what you favorite picture of Christ is but nobody answered. They are probably at the cabin or something. So I decided to just get mine. I was hoping that the note would get there first so it would maybe be a little bit of a hint, I don't know if you noticed, but down the left side it says O JERUSALEM. I made a draft of two so I could make it fit with out being to obvious. I hope you enjoy it and put it up somewhere were everyone can see it.

So this week was a great week. We are really trying to continue to visit and teach as many people as possible. It is really exciting, we have so many people that are so close to baptism, all they need to do are the simple things like go to church and then I know that they will want to join the church. Not much else super exciting happened this past week though, just good old normal missionary work.

This week should be another great week we have already started off with teaching 5 lessons, so it should be great.

It is so cool to hear that you all got to experience the same weather that I am. It is a little bit cooler but right now it is high thirties and low forties for the highs. There is a lot more snow(in giant piles from the snow plows) but I don't know if we will get much more snow this year. It seems to be really mild the past few weeks, but maybe it is the calm before the storm, let's hope so!!!

It is so random that at the same time that mom called Sister Cannon I came into the office. I saw her on the phone and proceeded to talk to other missionaries and then we sang happy birthday to an Elder. I am sure you heard.

Well we have to get going, we have to still go to wal-mart and what not. bye!!


Elder Paxton

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