Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Another great week!

Dearest Peoples,

This week was absolutely fabulous. Elder awesome...I mean Cottam, and I have been working very hard to improve on all of our key indicators(which are found in chapter 8, page number I'm not sure about), and our results were up and down, in some areas we did better, but in others we didn't do as good, but we know that the lord blesses us for all of our efforts

I very much enjoyed zone conference yesterday. We talked a lot about the restoration of the gospel and about the atonement. I really enjoy zone conferences. They are always very spiritual and up lifting. We listened to a talk that Jeffery R Holland gave in the MTC in 2000. I had heard it in the MTC, I think two times, but it is always great to hear. It is so powerful and moving. He talks a lot about his mission and how we should treasure and make the best of ours. It is often called the don't go home talk, because he basically yells at everyone who is even thinking of going home. That talk is one of the reasons why I am so determined to serve no less then 24 months, not even one day less.

As for the rest of the week, we had a little bit of a miracle. A couple of weeks ago, Elder Cottam and I were in Nyssa and we talked to a man named Cornelia. We were looking for Oscar, and he said that he didn't know him, because he thought that we were the police or something. When we told him that we were missionaries, he told us where Oscar lives and also said that we could come visit him at his house. So we went last week and he told us about a dream that he had. He was praying and some random guy told him that God doesn't listen to him and that he won't ever be saved. Basically that is the general idea of his dream. The day after he had that dream we showed up. So he said that he knows that the dream was false and that God does answer prayers. We are very excited to teach him and hope that all goes well there.
it is time to go talk to you next week.
Elder Paxton

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