Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Transfer calls tomorrow....

This week was another crazy fast week for me. Yesterday almost didn't exist, so seeing as it was a short week there will be less to write about, but I will try to make it a few lines long.

On Thursday I got to play zone leader for the day. Elder Wright (my old companion and current zone leader) and I were on exchanges. Our companions were in Wendell. One of the duties of the zone leaders is to go to every district meeting in your zone. So I got to go to Burley to visit the missionaries out there. On the way there there was a super cool wreck. A semi had gone off of the freeway and happened to hit the only car for miles on the frontage road. The semi was pulling two trailers that were both turned over and about 50 yards apart. the cab of the semi was completely shredded to pieces it was almost not recognizable. I don't know if any one was badly hurt, when we passed by only the clean up crew was there. If there was an ambulance it had already left. I really hope no one was too badly injured.

While at the district meeting I did everything a good zone leader would do, sit there and listen. It was pretty fun to go and visit with the other half of our zone though.

Today is our transferal zone activity so this morning we filled the temple with missionaries and right now the family history center is full of missionaries and in a few minutes we are going to go and play soccer or something I am not sure.

We are expecting to get transfer calls tomorrow and we will hear what might happen in the wonderful world of Wendell.

That is pretty much everything that has gone on this past week.
Looks like it is time to go.

Elder Paxton

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