Tuesday, October 12, 2010

No Z in Boise!

I told Chris about this You tube video, but I didn't know if it was appropriate to send to a missionary,(not that it is bad, it is just not church music) so I will just post it here:

That is funny about the no Z in Boise. I always try to correct the missionaries that say boi-z. I tell them it is pronounced boy-see some still have problems with saying it correctly.

This week went by really really quickly. It is always hard to remember what all we did or if it was weeks ago. I'll look at my planner to help remind me. Really quick before I forget, next week pday is on Wednesday, because we are having a general authority tour the mission. He is from the first quorum of the seventy, so don't be super worried when you don't hear anything from me until Wednesday.

So this past week...we have actually found two new investigators. They are cousins that are living together and work at the same dairy. The house is the dairy's and I think more people live there but I am not sure. They are Victor y Claudia. Victor has an interesting story, so does Claudia, for how we found him. So a few months ago we tried to have English classes. They didn't have very many people that would consistently come. Victor was one of those that would pretty much always come. Eventually he had to stop and that was the end of ever seeing him. We didn't know where he lived or his phone number or anything. We pretty much stopped worrying about him. Two weeks ago the Bishop of the English ward that we cover calls us and asks us to translate for him. DI had called him saying that a lady needed a few beds and she was in his ward boundaries. We met with him and helped Claudia get the beds for her daughters. He was happy to help her but he said on one condition, if we could go and teach her the lessons. She was up for it and gave us her address and said come on by.

So we go and find her house and knock on the door and Victor opens the door. He says I didn't think I'd ever see you again. Anyways we are now teaching the both of them and they are really understanding everything that we are teaching. We also found out that one of the members in our group is Victor's dad and Claudia's uncle, so that should help in the fellowshipping of the two.

That is the most exciting teaching news that we have for the week. We have continued teaching the other investigators that we have and are hoping to be able to set a baptismal date with Martin's wife here pretty soon.

I am now able to add another thing to my list of services that I have done. Yesterday the Dunn's were pouring concrete for their house. The way that they are building their house is you stack foam about six inches apart and then you fill it with cement and then you've got a wall. We got to help do the cement to finish the walls. Now all that their house needs is a roof and interior walls and they have a house. It was pretty fun even though it was very cold. They started at sunrise but it had rained during the night and it was cloudy and windy. I was up on the wall helping pour and since there is no roof the wind had a direct shot at my face. It was still good to help them out.

That is all the exciting news from Wendell.
Elder Paxton

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