Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Day late

It has been another "exciting" week here in wonderful Wendell. Pretty much the same things have happened except last week we had interviews with President Cannon and yesterday we got to meet Elder Paul Johnson of the seventy.

Interviews were really good. We had our district meeting at the same time to save miles so the APs and Sister Cannon just had to sit there and feel the spirit without understanding the words that were said because we have our district meetings in Spanish, but that is okay. Then when I was in with president he was very surprised to find out that I have been in Wendell for 5 transfers now. I figured that he knew that already. So he said unless the Lord really wants me to stay in Wendell I will be moving. I am not getting my hopes up because you never can predict what is going to happen when it comes to transfers. Even when we get transfer calls it can change. It's never a sure thing. If I am staying in Wendell I am going to ask for my records to be sent up here and I will just move in, it would be easier that way.

Yesterday we had our mission tour which is when a general authority is "touring" the mission. Pretty much all he does is come and talk to the all of the missionaries. It was really fun. He is really good at keeping you entertained. Normally when we have missionary meetings from 9-4 one tends to get a little bored, but I never really did. The things that we talked about were really fun. We talked a lot about being low maintenance-high yield missionaries, meaning that we do a lot of good work and that we don't need to always be check in on by our leaders. He had a lot of good things to say and I am really glad that we could go and hear from one of the general authorities, in person.

Besides that not really anything else happened.


Elder Paxton

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