Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Goodbye Wendell, Hello Meridian!

I don't know what my address is but you can go ahead and send everything to the office, we live about two miles from there. I am serving in Meridian, spanish of course, and I am doing what we call shotgun training. I am going to be teaching a gun safety class, not really, I am to be shotgunning the area which is when both the current elders leave and two new ones come in. I am going to be training a new missionary. This should be a pretty fun and tough transfer. I will need to rely on the help of the members, so Jeff if you know any Hispanics send them my way.

Our area covers Meridian, Eagle, Star, and in Boise everything west of five mile, so it is pretty big. I am really excited to be training but also a little nervous because, 1. I don't know the area 2. I haven't been in a "big city" like Boise in almost a year, so I feel super out of place. I keep thinking, why are there so many buildings everywhere?!? Where are all the cows and corn fields?!? I will get used to it super quick I am sure.

Well that is pretty much everything that is going on right now, today I have a bunch of meetings to go to, to learn how to be a trainer and stuff like that. Not much else is going on in my world.

Elder Paxton

Yes, Elder Paxton is back near family. I have not got his actual address yet, but hope to get that tomorrow from the mission office. His Grandpa and Grandma DeMond and Uncle Jeff and his family all live in this new area. Watch out Elder Paxton, let the spoiling begin!

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