Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Elder Paxton!

To answer mom's questions...So about the camera card, we were super busy on Tuesday and Wednesday, so I didn't get it sent until Friday, because of thanksgiving. I was thinking about putting it in Grandma's mail box, but I wasn't sure how long you would be there or if the mail would steal it or something like that, so it should be there soon. (I got his card today so I will soon be posting pictures.)

For Thanksgiving we spent some time with an American family that goes to the branch. We were really at his parents house and some more of their family was there as well. After that we had a teaching appointment to go to so we left and went and taught Daniel. It was the best lesson that we have had with him. He is a little hard to understand, because he mumbles all of his words together and also doesn't always look at you when he is talking, but it still went well with him.
After that we went to the branch president's house and didn't actually eat anything since we were still full from the last place. We stayed there until we had to go to another teaching appointment which when we got there, nobody was home, so we just went home and I went to bed a little early.

Speaking of going to bed I am already loving my new pillow, it will take a little getting used to not sleeping on a flat crappy pillow but I think I'll get by. Also it has a ten year warranty so I hope you keep the receipt. Also all of my gifts were so perfect. I think everyone was reading my mind somehow. Trevor, I had been craving a new purple tie and was probably going to get one today but you beat me to it. Grandparents DeMond, I have been wanting a Boise state shirt since I got to the area. Jeff gave my a hat but I needed the shirt to go with it, now I have it. Grandparents Paxton, I re-fell in love with beef jerky last transfer when I was in Wendell but I have been too poor to want to buy some. Also thank you for all of the other candy that I got, my snack drawer on my desk was pretty empty and now it is very full, with only healthy food (ie: lots of chocolate, beef jerky, more chocolate, hot tamales etc.).

Muchos thank you's to Grandma DeMond for the cake. It is already half way gone, me eating 3/8 of it, Elder Sewell had the other 8th. The other elders that live with us have only eaten the crumbs. I keep telling them that it is the best cake in the world and that they need to eat a whole slice but they haven't yet. It was really interesting to tell the Elders from Mexico that it was my birthday because, the Mexican happy birthday song is around 3 minutes long and talks about King David and all sorts of other strange things, the English song was better, 30 seconds and then cake.

We decided against getting Elder Sewell's bike here for now, since it has been pretty chilly and we have been doing very well on our miles so far. I do have my bike in our little storage thing at our apartment, so if you see a sweet cheap indoor trainer, go ahead and send it because I am ready for that now.

Last week from Sunday to Wednesday, we had a visa waiter hanging out with us. He was in Pocatello for around two months and had to come to Boise to go to the Mexican consulate. Since the Boise elders and us are close to the office we both had an elder for a few days. It was really fun we all got along super well and he was a little sad to have to go to Mexico, only because we aren't there, and the super cool families here. I know that he is going to love it down there, and that he already loves the people of the Mexico Villahermosa mission.
That is pretty much everything that is going on here. Today we have the zone activity and also some service as well.

Thanks again for all the love and support from everyone.
Elder Paxton

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