Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I'm Jealous!

I am so jealous that you are in McCall, so is Elder Wright it was/is his favorite area. That is where he was trained and also where he was right before Wendell. He really wants to go up there sometime after the mission and do the whole lake thing. I told him we could take him to the cabin.

This week was really slow. we weren't able to teach very many lessons, but we did do a lot of service and also got to know a lot of less actives that our English ward wants us to visit.

So this week was over all a good week. I really enjoy doing service for other people, sometimes I wish I could do service all day long, but that isn't best use of time.
So I am trying to grow some pansies as a district activity. We are trying to develop more patience and it is also an object lesson to show how the sower doesn't always get to see the fruits. That is big time true in Wendell. We have some super awesome investigators that we know will get baptized and be super members one day, but we are probably not going to be able to see that happen, mostly because we still haven't heard back from the big wigs in slc about the night sacrament. but we are still trying to stay positive.

The word on the street is that transfer call will be tomorrow night, but no one really is sure because this transfer has been very interesting and different. I am pretty sure that I will be moving out of Wendell but there is no sure thing when it comes to transfers.

We need to get going our day should be pretty busy we are having a zone activity and we have to eat and do shopping as well.

Thats all for now,

Elder Paxton

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