Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Martin wasn't able to quit smoking soon enough to get baptized, but he is going pretty strong now. It has been since Friday since he has smoked. We are pretty sure that he will get baptized this Saturday. Yesterday we went to work with Martin. He is the head herdsman on number 4 dairy for Jack. When we pulled up we saw him with some strange contraption attached to the back side of a cow, and he was pulling out a dead calf, and that was just the start of the day.

We then had to give some cows medicine and we used this thing to hold the cows head still. It looked kind of like a wrench that you put in their nose, it didn't look very comfortable. Then we shot this gross brown liquid in their mouth. After that we had to give them some huge pills, about three inches long and half an inch in diameter. We put the pills in this two foot long pipe and stuck it down their throat and with a ram rod you stick all of the pills into their stomach. Then the fun part came, we got to color on cows that are getting sent to the slaughter. It was pretty hard work.

So if you are ever thinking about going to box canyon make sure you look out for poison ivy. Elder Waldorf got it pretty bad on his legs and feet, so it has been very hard to for him to sleep because he is super itchy. For some reason I didn't get touched by the stuff, and we went to all the same places. I still want to go back after the mission to go swimming there. The water looks so clean and wonderful to swim in.

This last Friday was zone conference so we got to go to Twin and see President which is always good times. During zone conference we have what is called zone breakout, where all the zones split up and have their own little meeting. The President and the AP's go around and listen. Normally no one comes to ours because it is in spanish, but this time President came to ours, he needed a translator but it was still good to see him really showing interests in us hispanos.

After zone conference we did exchanges. I stayed in Twin with Elder Moncayo, from Equador. He is really funny, turns out that most of the hispanic missionaries are funny but for different reasons. It was pretty fun to hang out in Twin and get to know the other missionaries better.

Last night we didn't have very many people to visit so we went to a members house, they are a part member family and we teach the non member but he works a lot. They were getting corn ready to freeze, so they put us to work. I would cut the corn and Elder Waldorf helped cook it, there were 11 5 gallon buckets full of corn. My hand was so tired from gripping the knife.
I think that is pretty much everything that we did this last week.

Elder Paxton

Side note from Mom: About an hour after I received Chris's email I received a phone call from Wendell, Idaho. I was a little panicked at first wondering if something had happened to Chris. Thankfully, it was just a very nice sister from Wendell. She said that the Elders come over to their house often and they feed them dinner. She asked Chris the last time he was there if there was a favorite dish that he would like her to fix. He told her he would like the Oriental cabbage salad that his Mom makes. She did not have that recipe. He told her he should call me to get the recipe, so, Sister Dunn called to get the recipe. What a great sister going out of her way to feed Chris a favorite dish.

I thanked Sister Dunn for calling and told her that I would email her the recipe. I also thanked her for feeding the Elders. She said that the Elders come over to their house quite a bit and help her husband out on the farm. She said they love Chris. Come to find out, they are the part member family that Chris helped with their corn that he had just told me about in his email. That phone call made this missionary mom's day!

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