Tuesday, January 26, 2010

We Moved!

14459 Sunnyslope
Caldwell ID, 83607
I have received all of your mail and if things are sent to my old
one they will be forwarded until February 15 or something.
But send all new ones to this address.

This week has gone by very quickly like always. Elder
Anderson is pretty much my best friend. We get a long very
well and are always talking about the most random things,
and a lot of times we are on the same brain wave.

I am so jealous of all the rain you have gotten. I am pretty
sure that every time I leave the state it rains more and
more, so maybe you will have somewhere around 10 inches
this whole year. The weather has been really mild the past
couple of weeks, the last time that we got snow was last year
(December 31). Some days I have actually been warm!
It has pretty much been around 40 or 45 everyday so
the weather is beautiful.

The best news this week is that my favorite investigator
set a fecha bautismal this week. It is going to be the 20th
of February. I love going to teach her because she just
absolutely loves to learn more about God and always
loves to have us over. She hasn't come to church yet but
we really hope that she will soon. Her name is Yolanda
Martinez and she is single but has 6 kids, ranging from
6 to 16, also she needs a job so all of you in the Boise
area who are reading this, if you know of something
let me know.

We have two others who are planning on getting married
and baptized on Febuary 13th, so that should be pretty
sweet. They are a really great family, and they even
signed up to feed us twice this month. They are what
we call eternals, they have been listening to the
missionaries for over a year now but they are finally
getting baptized which is really nice to see.

There is another family that I just wish I could help
more. They have been members for about 6 months
now and are just some of the greatest people I know,
but the place they are living in right now is trying to
take advantage of them. They are moving out but the
owner says that they don't need to give them their
deposit back, even though it says in the contract
(which is in english and this family doesn't know hardly
any) that if they give 30 days warning of moving out,
which they have, and the place is clean, which it is,
they should get their deposit back, minus 25 dollars
for cleaning the carpet. There are a lot of greedy
people in the world trying to take advantage of
small humble families, it is really sad.

Some of my favorite things of being a missionary
is getting to learn Spanish, getting to know
wonderful people that I would never have met,
and getting fed really good, legitimate Mexican food,
every night.

I am really have a wonderful time here and last
night was the first night we slept in our new house,
it is a pretty nice little house. I will send pictures
soon, also I found a dead mouse in the basement
when I stepped and heard a crunch so it has been
there for a while. I already have pictures of that haha.

Well I need to get going now we are going to take
pictures of/on the tank of Caldwell.

Elder Paxton

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