Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Elder Anderson...

is pretty dang cool. He is pretty nerdy, but so am I. We get
along really well together and we are really enjoying our
time together. Once again I don't have a whole lot of time,
we are going to go to Boise today and play soccer with the
English elders, and we need to leave pretty soon.

I am pretty sure that this week we are going to set a
baptismal date with two other investigators which I
am pretty excited about, they are what we call eternal,
they have been taught by the missionaries for over a
year now.

I am staying busy and have been a little warm, almost
everyday has been over 40 so it is real nice. I hope you
all get a lot of rain, I heard that you are supposed to get
10 inches or something ridiculous.

I need to get going now but I love you all and look forward
to hearing from you.

Elder Paxton.

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