Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dos mil diez

So this year I brought in the new year in what I think is the best
possible way, sleeping haha. Elder Castillo was asking our
district and zone leaders if we could stay out late, the whole time
I was thinking say no, say no, say no. Thankfully they said no.

This week has been a pretty good week. We have a couple new
investigators who are really interested in learning about God
and who are always excited to have us over. I am pretty sure
that that are both going to get baptized with in the next couple
of days. Maybe today if I work real hard. One of them we found
knocking doors too. It is always nice to find investigators when
you are knocking doors, it make it feel not useless. Although
Elder Castillo told me that when we are knocking doors the Lord
will bless us, just not always with finding people, we might get a
referral from the MTC or might have some one set a baptismal
date or something along those lines.

The MTC really stressed the importance of finding. We won't
have people to baptize if we don't have people to teach and
we won't have people to teach if we don't find them.

The weather has been pretty fun here. The other day it snowed
and some members told us that Caldwell got hit the worst.
Outside of the church, because of the way the wind was blowing,
he snow was almost a 3rd of the way up the door. Out in the
middle of the parking lot was somewhere around 4 inches deep
last I checked and I think another inch or two fell after that.
That was pretty fun, and it was perfect snow ball snow so I
had to hold back from throwing one at everyone I saw and
just threw more at the young men in our branch. And a couple
of days later it was pretty foggy and while we were driving.
We couldn't see much farther then 30 feet or so. I took a
picture, relax a member was driving, and you cant see anything
except for white and a couple of yellow dashes on the ground,
and that was all you could see in real life too.

So this morning we went to the temple and as always we had
the zone leaders drive us, so instead of making them drive
out to get us at 6 in the morning (we live at least 20 minutes
away from them) we had a slumber party at their house.
I woke up in the middle of the night pretty cold, they don't
have any extra blankets, so I moved about 1 foot away from
their heater, I was nice and warm then.

Today should be pretty fun we are going to play indoor
futbol, with the English elders. It is our zone against theirs,
I am pretty sure we are going to win, because our zone has
maybe 3 gringos, including me, and every Spanish person
in the world knows how to play soccer.

We are going to go and get something to eat before we go
play, I am starving, I haven't eaten since 5 last night and
I have been up since 5:30 this morning. So farewell for now

Con amor
Elder Paxton

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