Tuesday, January 12, 2010

1st Transfer done

I am now officially a misssionary, haha. Elder Castillo se fue
a Boise and my new companion is Elder Anderson. He is pretty
cool. It will be nice to be able to talk more with my companion
since he speaks English.

I don't have a whole lot of time today. We have a lot of shopping
to do because we don't really have food and stuff. All is well here
in Caldwell and the work is going well.

We have one baptismal date set as of right now and are hoping
to have two more this week. We are staying very busy teaching
a lot of people so thank goodness we don't have to knock too many
doors, it has been a bit warmer, above 30 or 35 every day. It is
supposed to be rainy the next couple of days so it might cool off
a bit.

We might be moving pretty soon, I have heard someone say they
have found a house but we haven't been told directly, so who knows.
That would be really nice since we are 15 miles outside of our area
and we use a lot of miles in our car, and we don't have that many.

We need to get shopping and eating and teaching so I will say
goodbye for now.

Elder Paxton

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