Tuesday, February 2, 2010

This week has been very good. Our new house is pretty big,
compared to our old home, and I am taking pictures so
you all can see what it looks like. Elder Anderson and
I are the only two in our house. It is a rental of one of
the bishops of one of the English wards in our stakes.
It is actually just about right in the middle of our area
which is very nice.

We are working very hard. We are doing a lot of finding
activities because our list of investigators is dwindling.
Two se fueron(they left). We went and knocked on their
doors and there was nothing in their house. Two others
still live there but we haven't been able to teach them in
3 or 4 weeks, so we are trying to think of good ways to find
people, and trying to work with the members to get more
referrals. If any of you have any ideas of how to find people
let us know.

The investigators that we have are progressing very well.
We have the familia de Jesus getting married and baptized
on the same day and Yolanda who is getting baptized the
next week. One other family who has plenty of good questions
every time we go over, and a new one that we just got who
seems really interested in what we have to say. Her sister
met with the missionaries in Mexico, and our investigator
saw a change for the better in her and wanted to see what
we had to say, so we feel good about her.

The teaching and the spirit are definitely on my list of
favorite things but they are after the food, haha just kidding.
The hardest part for me is when it is the end of the day,
and all of our appointments for the evening either canceled,
or aren't home, and we still have an hour and a half to work,
and we have to find something to do. We have a lot of
potenciales, but at night is one of the worst times to try to
contact potenciales or to knock doors, so we always sit for
around 5 or 10 minutes trying to think of what we should do.
But we are staying very busy which is nice because it is easier
to fall asleep when you work yourself to death.

I'm not sure what I am going to do, come transfer day. With
Elder Anderson's record I will leave and he will stay there for
6 more months. His shortest time in an area was his first,
one transfer, because they closed the area after that.
Then he spent 5 transfers in sun valley. Then he spent 3 in
Wendel, which is on the east side of the mission as well.
So in his year before Caldwell he only had 3 areas.

Pues, tenemos que irnos, y comprar cosas, como comida
y un calientor(heater, i'm not sure if that is right).
Entonces, tenga una buena semana, y que dios les
bendiga. Tambien, buena suerte con entendimiento este.
Ojala Trevor puede ayudarles.

Elder Paxton

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