Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A short update

No time to write as always. I just got done bowling and we
are going to play soccer in 5 minutes. Can you send me
a hard copy of noferatu by the ruler, also have you
found out that it is a she for sure?

I have included an updated
picture of Nosferatu - his tarantula that he left behind
for me to take care of while he is gone. It has grown
quite a bit in just 4 months. I think he wants a picture to make sure it is still alive!

Life is going very well, I went to the temple today.
After we went by the DeMond's house and only grandpa
was there, sorry grandma. It is always nice to see
the family.

Anyways like I said I have to go and I love you all.

Elder Paxton

ps: lori, children is ninos or hijos

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