Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I guess I misunderstood when Chris said he got his
transfer last week. He found out where he is
going, but he doesn't move until tomorrow...

Here is his email this week:

Well my new home is....in Oakley, I will find out
how it is tomorrow, I am still in Caldwell. Today
we went on a fun district activity, we went to the
booming metropolis of Melba, well actually
south of it, we went and played by the snake
river and went hiking and a little bit of rock
climbing to get to the top of the hill. It was really
fun. I took a good amount of pictures.

I should be sending my memory card home
pretty soon, I also want to send some
other stuff home, letters and what not. That
might be sent out today or next week or who
really knows.

I have heard a lot of good and bad things about
Oakley. Sounds like every day we take the walk
of faith. We live maybe 15 miles away and so to
save miles you drive to the highway which is
about 5 miles away and you start walking, hoping
that some one will stop and give you a ride. Also
from the sounds of it we have a baptism this Saturday,
a couple more lined up and a couple of their good
potentials set up too. Most of the work is English
though :(. Elder Riqulme speaks pretty good English,
his accent is not very good but who am I to talk haha.
He has a really hard time saying beach, just like all
hispanos, they usually say...well you know. Every once
in a while, I'll ask someone Como se dice playa in ingles?
(how do you say beach in english) they will usually say
I don't remember or something then we just laugh.

Also this week we hit a cat with our car, we are going
to take some pictures of it today. That was something
fun that we did. (sick humor)

Well not very much has happened this week so I don't
have a whole lot to say so I shall say adios.

Elder Paxton

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