Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Otra Vez!

Ok, so this is twice in 3 weeks that I have not emailed my son and this time he is really chastising me for it...I will have to repent and do better!

Wow life must be super bien crazy right now. I understand how that goes. We are always hoping that there are a few more hours in the day so that we can do more work, but we can't change that, so we will have to start working more efficiently and the best way to do that is to have effective planning. So mom, maybe you need to read preach my gospel chapter 8; using time wisely.

Thank you all for the wonderful gift that I have received, and I haven't looked in anything that didn't have, open ________day, or no peeking, but everything else since it wasn't labeled I assumed it meant it was fair game. Thank you everyone for everything. Also the big one from mom/dad I am pretty sure I know what it is based off of shaking and my massively huge smart brain that I have been blessed with(or by reading) but you might be pulling a fast one and be tricking me, which is possible, so we will just have to wait and see.

Okay so a quick report on this past week. Last Tuesday we had dinner with the Mendez family, which is probably the coolest family in the mission. Wednesday, I can't really remember anything too exciting, so lets just say that we had 600 people get baptized and all of them were immediately translated so we can't really count them in our numbers. Thursday we did our weekly planning, which has recently been moved from Monday, so it is a little interesting and will take some getting used to. Friday we had our branch Christmas party, which was great. There were almost 150 people there. I wish half of that would come to church every week, that would be great, but we had a good time there and met a lot of people. We hope they will one day want to listen to the missionaries.

On Saturday we went had zone meeting then we went to visit a ward member of grandma's. They are the Garrido family, from Argentina, and we recently helped them move. they are such a cool family and we really enjoy visiting with them. He is a black belt in tae kwon do and is fun to try to beat up, haha just kidding we don't ever fight him. Anyways, they asked to see pictures of our family and he saw grandma and grandpa DeMond in the picture from the family reunion. He asked "is this your family or just a family that you know from the Franklin ward", I said, "BOTH." I guess their son Gordo, I don't know his real name they NEVER use it, was one of grandpa's cub scouts. It is so funny how small the world is. Sunday was a normal day at church and Monday was another day with thousands of baptisms that got translated right after.

Everything is going so well for us here, we are really loving the area and trying our best to baptize people that don't disappear, right after so we have have our branch grow. But that is okay, soon enough it will be a ward and there will be a whole stake in the area.

Thanks again for all of the support and have a super fantastic Christmas.

Elder Paxton

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